Saturday, December 20, 2008

I NEED This Job - NOT !

by Joe Turner, The Job Search Guy

I recently received a letter from a job seeker indicating that she had been called for an interview but didn't have all of the qualifications. "Carey" wanted to know what advice I could give her, adding that she really "needs this job."

My response to "Carey" applies to most job seekers who don't have all of the qualifications listed in the job description. Consider this a wish list from the employer. Know that, even in today's tough economy, employers aren't always going to get everything that they want, either.

Your attitude is more important than your compendium of skills and abilities. Many people write about "attitude" as something you can switch on and off. Like trying to sell the interviewer on the idea that you're some cheerful, gonzo team player willing to tackle any task thrown at you. This is pure rubbish, of course, and it will last about 20 minutes, or as long as you're able to maintain this false front.

When I say attitude, I'm talking about your core belief in who you are and what you bring to the table at an interview. It starts with self-respect. Before any interview, tell yourself this: "I may need oxygen, food and water, but I DO NOT NEED THIS JOB." With today's economic climate of gloom and doom and job losses projected to tally into the millions by the end of 2009, this may seem almost suicidal.

Yet, by freeing yourself from feeling you "need this job", you will actually perform better during the interview by not giving your power away to the employer. Otherwise, your sense of neediness will be read as desperation and will work to your disadvantage to quickly eliminate you from further consideration.

Of course, it's all well and good to talk about thinking "I don't need this job" when the rent is due and your bank account is empty, but don't give your power away. Realize that the employer needs to fill this position ASAP and might want you as much as you want them.

Employer's NeedsInstead of YOUR needs, think instead about the EMPLOYER's needs. Remember, companies hire people who can either make money or save money for them. They're looking for people who can best provide a return on their investment.

Focus on the major benefit you bring to your employer. How does that benefit help them make or save money? If you can get to the root of their need, you can stand out among even stronger candidates who only talk about their skills.

For example, an administration assistant may have a very strong phone presence and as a result, makes clients feel at ease. She sets the stage for their continued purchases from her company. Her strength is her phone skills. Her benefit is happy clients, and consequently, more revenue to the company.

Highlight those areas where you are strong and really sell those. Bring up examples from your past when you were successful, and describe them. When you go through this exercise, you'll most likely amaze yourself with your list of work-related accomplishments. More importantly, you'll begin to see yourself in a new light-a producer of results. You'll also inoculate yourself from the dreaded "I need this job" syndrome that so many job seekers share, and take a giant step toward having the employer think, "I need YOU for our company".
SummarySure, the economy will continue to decline while not only jobs, but entire businesses, crumble and dissolve into oblivion. Yet, as some companies fall, others will rise.

These employers, more than ever, will need employees who not only know who they are, but who know and can articulate the true value of their accomplishments as a return on investment to their employer. When you can do this, you'll lose the "I need this job" syndrome and have employers feeling "needy" for you.

As a recruiter, Joe Turner has spent the past 15 years finding and placing top candidates in some of the best jobs of their careers. Author of Job Search Secrets Unlocked and Paycheck 911, Joe has interviewed on radio talk shows and offers free insider job search secrets at:

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The new finance career playing field

To say the least, the landscape for finance job seekers has drastically changed.

Some of the largest finance employers have gone bankrupt, been acquired or, at best, are seriously ailing. Unless you've been hiding out in a cave somewhere for the past year and a half, you know that the credit crisis that began in summer 2007 has turned into a full blown financial crisis.

Companies have booked billions of losses and shed thousands of employees, meaning finance jobs are harder to come by than in years past. However, contrary to popular opinion, that doesn't mean finance positions aren't out there; they are, but they just might not be in the most obvious of places.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


St Augustine: The world is a book and those that do not travel read only one page.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Remember where is this?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Job hunting's a breeze for these graduates

By Lin Yanqin, TODAY Posted: 12 May 2008 1008 hrs

They are finding better paying jobs and finding them sooner, even though their graduating cohort of 711 graduands is 84-per-cent bigger than that of the previous year's 386.

Of the graduates surveyed by the Singapore Management University (SMU), the top 20-per-cent wage earners enjoy monthly starting salaries of $5,600.

Most of these highly-paid graduates are employed in investment banking or management consulting. According to SMU, its top nine highest wage earners draw between $8,000 and $10,000.

Overall, close to 100 per cent of those who responded to the annual survey — 618 graduates — found a job before or within six months of their graduation last year. Out of these respondents, 519 graduates, or 84 per cent did so within a month.

The average salary of those in full-time permanent employment is up 6.7 per cent to $3,040. Those who graduated cum laude (with distinction) or better are getting monthly starting salaries of $3,540, up 7 per cent from 2006.

About two-thirds of respondents had received multiple job offers, ranging from between two and 10 offers.

Meanwhile, about 3 per cent surveyed are economically inactive, pursuing postgraduate studies, travelling or other personal choices. Mr Bernard Chen, 26, an SMU graduate now working as a foreign exchange trader at Citibank, told Today: "I think one reason more graduates are finding better-paying jobs earlier is because there's a competitive atmosphere at SMU.

"When you see your seniors getting jobs early, you will want to work hard to do the same, or even better. The professors also advised us to start looking early because you would want to be the first person employers talk to, not the last."

About half the respondents are in the banking, finance, auditing and accounting sectors, while the rest are employed in a range of sectors including services and consulting.

Said SMU president Howard Hunter: "Over the years, our graduates have earned the confidence of employers who saw the difference provided by an SMU education. We will continue to ensure that our undergraduates have opportunities for global exposure to widen their perspectives as well as platforms for character development." - TODAY/ar

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Rapid transit systems in the World

London Underground Tube was built since 1863 and has 269 stations.

NY Subways was built since 1870 and has 422 stations.

Tokyo Metro was built since 1927 and has 165 stations.

Saturday, May 31, 2008



今年慶祝130週年的通用電氣(General Electric),業務遍及全球過百個國家,營業額超過千億美元。



1890年,愛迪生業務重組,成立愛迪生通用電氣公司(Edison General Electric Company)。

1892年,愛迪生通用電氣與湯姆森休斯頓電氣公司(Thomson-Houston Electric Company)合併,通用電氣終于誕生了。

1896年,道瓊斯工業指數榜成立,通用電氣是從當年至今,唯一一家經過112年,仍榜上有名的公司。 若以市值計算,通用電氣目前是全球第二大企業。







史圖亞特說,集團將著重透過自行增長(Organic growth),擴大業務版圖。








Friday, May 02, 2008

How to travel by train in Singapore & Malaysia

£1 = 6.2 Ringgit = 2.7 Singapore dollars.
$1 = 3.1 Ringgit = 1.3 S$.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I have told new CEO of TMI about my interest to join TMI.
He has replied and passed it to the person in charge.

I dunno what will happen whether I will join back TM group serving TMI as this is only an express of interest.
It is still too early to say.

If no good offer from Malaysia, I might be leaving Malaysia hopefully within this year.
It might not necessary be Singapore. But it could be Hong Kong or Middle East.
I’m keeping my options as open as my long term goal is to work in Europe or US.

And Im gonna further my studies overseas.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just Change It

Harga petrol di Malaysia sepanjang zaman...(dalam masa 16 tahun - sejak 1990 )

Sebelum 90 - RM 0.89
Tahun 1990 - RM 1.10 (kenaikan RM 0.21 )
01/10/2000 - RM 1.20 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
20/10/2001 - RM 1.30 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
01/05/2002 - RM 1.32 (kenaikan RM 0.02)
31/10/2002 - RM 1.33 (kenaikan RM 0.01 )
01/03/2003 - RM 1.35 (kenaikan RM 0.02 )
01/05/2004 - RM 1.37 (kenaikan RM 0.02)
01/10/2004 - RM 1.42 (kenaikan RM 0.05)
05/05/2005 - RM 1.52 (kenaikan RM 0.10 )
31/07/2005 - RM 1.62 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
28/02/2006 - RM 1.92 (kenaikan RM 0.30)
28/03/2007 - RM 2.25 (kenaikan RM 0.33)

Perhatian : (Ayat - ayat ' Standard ')

1. Kenaikkan minyak sehingga sekarang masih rendah lagi, kalau dibandingkan dengan mana-mana satu pun negara Asia yang lain.

2. Kerajaan Malaysia memastikan kenaikkan harga petrol tidak akan membebankan .

3. Kerajaan Malaysia tidak mampu menampung lagi subsidi harga petrol disebabkan kenaikkan harga pasaran global. (Tetapi cuma mampu membayar kos untuk DR. SMS melawat angkasa lepas dengan menumpang roket negara Russia )

4. Kerajaan Malaysia memberi jaminan harga runcit petroleum tidak akan dinaikkan lagi pada TAHUN 2007. (Sehingga sebelum pilihanraya yang akan berlangsung pada tahun depan 2008)

Saudara / Saudari,

Pertama sekali abang Perdana Menteri kita iaitu Ibrahim bin Badawi menerusi syarikatnya SkyChef menjadi supplier makanan kepada syarikat penerbangan MAS, menyebabkan MAS mengalami kerugian sebanyak RM900 juta untuk sembilan bulan yang pertama pada tahun 2005.

Abang PM kita jual sebotol air mineral kepada MAS dengan harga RM30 setiap botol.

Jadi? Tidak kita hairan jugalah jika MAS menanggung kerugian sebanyak itu...

Menteri Besar Terengganu iaitu Idris Jusoh telah mengadakan majlis Perlumbaan Kapal Layar Monsoon Cup, yang juga telah menelan wang rakyat sebanyak RM300 juta.

Wang ini dibayar kepada seorang peniaga yang bernama Patrick Lim dan kekawannya termasuk Khairy Jamaludin, iaitu menantu Perdana Menteri. Majlis Perlumbaan Kapal Layar Monsoon Cup yang tidak sampai 5 hari telah menghabiskan RM300 juta wang seluruh rakyat Malaysia, yang terutamanya golongan berbangsa Cina yang telah banyak membayar cukai pendapatan kepada kerajaan...

Sudah tentu wang RM300 juta itu ditelan oleh 'orang bertuah' yang dapat kontrak RM300 juta itu.

Untuk memulihkan kehilangan wang sebesar itu yang telah ditelan oleh 'orang bertuah' tersebut, sekarang subsidi petrol dipotong, dan harga petrol dinaikkan RM0.30 per satu liter, dan dijangka akan dinaikkan RM0.30 lagi pada tahun depan selepas akhirnya pilihanraya iaitu pada tahun 2008.

Telekom Malaysia pula merugikan lebih RM700 juta sebab terpaksa membayar ganti rugi kepada syarikat komunikasi German iaitu Deutsche Telekom. Terpaksa bayar ganti rugi RM700 juta cuma sebab syarikat Telekom Malaysia 'tidak tahu' membuat kontrak untuk polisi perniagaan yang mematuhi sistem.

Disebabkan berbagai-bagai 'kesilapan' yang telah dilakukan oleh ketua-ketua yang 'kurang pandai' Kerajaan Malaysia , kerajaan kita potong lagi subsidi petrol demi memulihkan kerugian wang negara.

Sekarang, pada hakikatnya, kos sememangnya lebih murah lagi kalau naik kapal terbang Air Asia pergi-balik di antara Kuala Lumpur dan Kuala Terengganu. Tambang pergi-balik Air Asia di antara Kuala Lumpur dan Kuala Terengganu tidak sampai RM300 bagi tiga orang sekeluarga.

Sebab syarikat Air Asia diuruskan oleh orang yang tidak rasuah dan yang tahu berniaga tanpa menyusahkan penggunanya.

Sekarang, dengan harga petrol yang telah naik, kos untuk petrol sahaja hendak pergi dan balik di antara Kuala Lumpur dan Alor Setar mampu mencecah RM220 (untuk kereta Proton Waja). Cagaran tol pula melebihi RM160, tambah pula perbelanjaan makan dan minum (nasi campur dengan teh kosong) bagi sekeluarga 6 orang, lagi RM40, ini bermaksud kos perjalanan dengan kereta yang menggunakan petrol dan kena cagaran tol, tambah dengan makanan untuk pergi balik di antara Kuala Lumpur dan Alor Setar sekurang-kurangnya RM400 atau lebih.

Negara-negara lain bukan macam negara kita.

Misalnya, walaupun harga petrol di Thailand lebih tinggi daripada Malaysia, di sana, pengguna lebuhraya mereka tidak perlu membayar cagaran tol.

Dari Bukit Kayu Hitam ke Bangkok jaraknya melebihi 1,100 batu (bukan kilometer) dengan lebuhraya 6-Lorong (bukan 4-Lorong macam Lebuhraya-Utara-Selatan kita) tanpa sebarang plaza tol dibina disepanjang atas lebuhraya mereka.

Di Thailand , tiada rasuah AP. Harga kereta import Honda Civic 1.5cc di Thailand tidak sampai RM40,000. Lebih murah daripada harga kereta keluaran Perodua, iaitu Kelisa 1.0cc di Malaysia. Inilah kebaikannya untuk rakyat di sana , sebab tiada rasuah AP di sana ...

Di Malaysia pula ada AP. Sebenarnya harga AP yang perlu dibayar kepada Kerajaan (MITI) tidak sampai RM250 sahaja. Tetapi AP boleh dijual sehingga RM40,000 sekeping kepada 'Dato-Dato' yang kaya, yang dikenali sebagai 'AP King'. Rasuah AP ini telah berlanjutan selama lebih daripada 30 tahun, sejak mulanya Kerajaan Malaysia mula mengimport model kenderaan negara-negara asing untuk pasaran otomobil negara kita.

Akhir kata, rakyat Malaysia yang terpaksa menanggung akibat 'tradisi rasuah AP' ini.

'AP King' pula hidup mewah dan bergaya sedangkan ada banyak keluarga berbagai bangsa yang hidup merana dan tidak mampu memiliki kemudahan kenderaan sendiri sebab harga yang terlalu tinggi.

Oleh yang demikian kereta Honda Civic 1.5cc yang dijual dengan harga RM40,000 di Thailand naik sehingga RM110,000 di Malaysia . Banyak rakyat Malaysia telah rugi besar.

Kerajaan yang telah mengalami kerugian berlebihan disebabkan pelbagai lubang-lubang rasuah telah ditebuk dalam sistem pentadbirannya, maka potonglah subsidi petrol dan menaikkan harga petrol RM0.30 per satu liter untuk memulihkan keadaan.

Malaysia Boleh!!!! Memangggggg Bolehhh!!!!
Sebab Kerajaan Malaysia nak buat apa pun boleh!!!!

*Sila hantarkan maklumat ini kepada rakan-rakan anda, dan juga tolong cetakkan dan kongsikan maklumat ini dalam bentuk 'hard copy' sekiranya boleh, kerana cuma 5% rakyat Malaysia yang tahu menggunakan komputer secara bermanfaat, manakala yang 95% lagi tidak tahu, ada banyak lagi juga yang tahu, tetapi cuma tahu menggunakan komputer untuk tujuan bahan lucah sahaja dan tidak menghiraukan maklumat seperti ini, mereka juga memerlukan maklumat seperti ini sebagai langkah pertama untuk mengubah sistem negara yang telah kian lama 'tercemar'.

Cukuplah, selepas 50 tahun kemerdekaan negara kita, kita masih lagi berada di dalam tangan pemimpin yang berdosa banyak membohong, asyik mementingkan diri, dan tidak berpandangan jauh.


Adakah kita harus menjadi mangsa dalam kejadian sedemikian?

Orang lain hutang, kita sebagai rakyat pula yang kena bayar.

Yang penting sekali, bukan setakat membayar sahaja, manakala hendak bayar sampai bila??

Adakah ini akan berhenti jika kita tidak membuat sesuatu bersama-sama???

On top of all that...still want to send 2 Clowns to moon.


Untuk apa ya????
Eksperimen membancuh teh tarik secara terapung ke????
HA HA....
Better use all the money to spend on something else to help the poor, improve the traffic system, subsidize the petrol price, and clear all the debts that the government is owing to other countries...what another stupid act by the government!!!! Please stop fooling around with our money!!!

JOM UBAH ! Just Change It !!!!!!! Vote wisely !!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Election 2008

This is posted by one of my friend in friendster.
Just take a read.

Alhamdulillah..akhirnya opposition
parties berjaya menduduki 10 kerusi di
Wilayah Persekutuan KL berbanding 1
sahaja kerusi untuk BN!!

Aku di Parlimen Bandar Tun Razak pon
menangis selepas keputusan di umumkan
Calon PKR menang
majority...Alhamdulillah, tak sia2
pengorbanan kami selama ni...

Nampaknya rakyat kita sudah sedar dan
mampu berfikiran matang dan logik!!